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Vision & Mission

Iscada mission and vision With a view to provide a total effective fire prevention service coupled with the state-of-the-art iSCADA technology, our founder and Executive Chairman, Dato' Saipuddin Bin Ahmad,had painstakingly engineered our company since January 2009, to the state we are now today.


Participation of local fire contractors in installation and maintenance of SPKA is widely implementing throughout the country. From the beginning of SPKA implementation, 2015 appointed more than 20 companies of vendors and installers. New registration by designated buildings through online system aggressively take care by to avoid manipulating especially pricing by third parties. Starting September 2019, is implementing new system of SPKA entrepreneur development by appointing the competent vendor and installer to be ‘SPKA Contractor’. The system is to ensure the quality of works, maintenance and quick response to the designated buildings.