ISCADA Solutions For BOMBA

Improve Fire Safety through better Maintenance
Improve Fire Certificate Management by Remote Monitoring
Extend Coverage of CMS for better response to emergencies
ISCADA NET SDN BHD was formed early 2009. The objectives of formation mainly to promote local talents in ICT development in the country. With the strength of more than 50 personnel in various background. is playing major role in monitoring fire alert from more than 8000 designated buildings throughout the country. Besides, have 21 maintenance companies nationwide to install and maintain SPKA system. is associating with all TELCO companies in Malaysia. These companies are providing network communication to all SPKA subscribers. iSnet is a catalyst in internet of thing (IoT) in the country.



The Subscriber shall be responsible to inform iSCADA Net Sdn Bhd of any subsequent changes to the Key Contact Information. Failure to do so may result in Bomba having difficulty making contact in the event of a fire emergency.
Click to download change of PIC form:- change of PIC form.pdf
iSCADA Net Sdn Bhd also offer package "iBOSS Planned Preventive Maintenance(iPPM)" to ensure SPKA function effectively and efficient.
Click to download iPPM Package details:- iPPM Package.pdf & iPPM Package Upon Request.pdf